3 Surprising Ways to Become More Positive

There is a myriad of ways that learning to think in a more positive manner can help you start living in the “now”. The very nature of positive thinking lends itself to not waiting for the future or living in the past, but taking advantage of the day you have… today.

Here are three ways to become more positive that may indeed surprise you, as they are not immediately related to being positive. Try them, and we think you’ll see that they help increase your happiness greatly!

  1. Meditation – Research has proven that those who meditate daily show more positive emotions than those that don’t meditate. Meditation, apparently, does a lot more than simply quiet your mind! The research showed that the group doing daily meditation continued to meditate even after the research was over, and experienced increased mindfulness, life purpose, greater social support, and lessened symptoms of illness. Isn’t that reason enough to give it a go?
  2. Writing – “Writing?”, you say… yes! A study published in the Journal of Research in Personality tested a group of 90 students, split into two groups. One group wrote about a positive experience every day for three days. The other group wrote about a control topic. Would you believe that three months later, the students who wrote about the positive experience showed elevated moods and fewer illnesses? All of this, after only three days of writing! One has to wonder what the effects would be if you wrote about a positive experience daily, with no time limit! Go buy yourself a special journal that inspires you, and do this experiment on your own – but don’t stop after just three days.
  3. Playtime – In our busy schedules of meetings, daily, weekly, and monthly events, running errands, and living for weekends, we schedule everything… except time to play. Research has shown that even for adults, playing, experimenting, and exploring help keep you in the here and now, increasing mindfulness and overall happiness. Grab your significant other, children, or best friend, and add time to your busy schedule to simply play!

The benefits of positive emotion simply can’t be overstated. There’s so much good that can come from increasing your positive outlook, and diminishing negativity in your life. You’ll not only be more joyful overall, but you’ll be more present in the wonderful moments you experience every day, day in and day out.

You have each day to make memories, achieve your goals, and to do whatever it is in life that make you Happy. I have just completed a new course called Making Moments. If you need some guidance on how to start living life on your terms! Check out the link below!


Published by Coach Dey

A Woman on a mission to bring Peace to Conflicting Families and Spreading Love To everyone Around The World ! #lovemovement

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